About English for Dutch people

This blog focuses on efficient and unconventional ways in which Dutch people can improve their English. Most Dutch people already speak excellent English, I’m only here for those last few tweaks. I’ll be adding lots of tips and tricks as I develop this blog, but here’s a taster.

Educational technology is moving at breakneck speeds, and there are lots of tools out there that teachers could have only dreamed of a few years ago. Here is an article about platforms that allow you to “move around” during an online gathering and talk to varying small groups of people; much better than Zoom or Teams for immersive language practice.

I will also be writing about some of the ways in which Dutch and English collide, because I’m in language nerd and that’s just fun. How do English actors put on a Dutch accent? Which Dutch words are still recognisable in English? Which factoids about the Dutch language will make you fun at parties, and which will not?

I also use this blog for the results of research that I’ve done for my Dutch website, www.hoezegjeinhetEngels.nl. Those are the posts where I go complete language nerd and write articles that are far too long about subjects that are far too trivial. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

This website is new, and I have a lot more articles in my head than I have managed to post online yet. Watch this space!

Heddwen Newton is a teacher and translator. Her website EnglishforDutchpeople.nl is about efficient and unconventional ways for Dutch people to improve their already good English, and other nerdy stuff to do with English and Dutch. She also owns the Dutch website HoezegjeinhetEngels.nl where she discusses difficult-to-translate Dutch words and their least-bad English translations.